Ljiljana Vuletić & Mirko Šivalec

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The Mily Dizajn producing the unique designed furniture from exotic and ecological eucalyptus from Africa, made for your’s personal needs and desires.

Global Fair Trade

Zagrebačka cesta 192

10000 Zagreb,

Croatia EU

mob: +385915633005

Email: info@globalfairtrade.hr

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Unique parquet and decking made of exotic eucalyptus tested with greater strength and resistance than oak.

The beautiful mystical landscapes of the African Forest are transformed into small unique tables made of exotic eucalyptus.

The beautiful blue fairy tale “blue moon” will delight many. The combination of beautiful sky blue with natural wood evokes the sky.

Making a 3D chair according to your wishes.

Africa accounts for 56% of the world’s cocoa production. ”Chocolate Fantasy evokes the Tanzanian cocoa fields in a sweet chocolate secret.

“Tanzanite” is a unique Tanzanian gem that amazes in its beauty. This unique coffee table is a small gem in your home.

Unique design clock!